Circle Werkz

a community of change makers

who are we

CircleWerkz is on online platform set up by Marialine Verdickt for empowering consumers who want to contribute to a world of better, rather than a world of more. We give back once we take.

What we do

We aim to foster sustainable solutions by advertising/volunteering in local events in which we share the idea of sustainability and the importance of implementing a circular economy.

Get involved

You can get involved by keeping up to date with our website posts, attending local events which promote the safe keeping of the environment, and follow us on instagram!

How CircleWerkz hopes to make a difference:

1. Sourcing products from social enterprises, which support communities in need.

2. Working with rural communities in South-East Asia to develop products which are not only sustainable but also preserve “heritage” skills, this provides a regular and stable income for these mainly rural communities.

3. Implementing one-off community projects, funded by a percentage of the retail revenues or financed by ad-hoc fundraising initiatives.


buy responsibly.