CircleWerkz was born on March 9th….which coincidentally is my mum’s birthday.

It was not planned like that, but it somehow worked out that way. Or did it?

“Synchronicity” is a term first coined in the 1950s by the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and describes uncanny coincidences that seem to be meaningful.

In this case, it could relate back to the importance of the Mother Figure and the promise it holds within it. In so many traditions, the mother figure is considered divine and sacred. Not hard to grasp when mothers seem to be the only people in the world, who love you more than you love yourself. Mothers are selfless, life-giving protectors, healers,  teachers, caregivers, care-takers, but most of all experts in unconditional love…So was it a coincidence then that Circlewerkz, a platform to take care of Mother Earth and to do good in the world, was born on my mother’s birthday. Most likely not!

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