Every week consumers worldwide spend


Billion on goodies

That is


Trillion per year

With $15 Trillion you could easily buy Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google!

The good news

These numbers are absolutely mind boggling and that these vast amounts of cash are sitting in our collective wallets! That means that we, as consumers, have the power to change the world every year, not bit by bit, but in large chunks. The only and easiest thing we have to do to make an impact is to shop differently, just shop with impact!


So here at CircleWerkz, we are set on making that happen. How?We are busy creating a powerful info hub on all the responsibly and sustainably produced goods out there that will make impactful living easy for you. We are happy to do the hard work and find businesses and products that reflect our common values, so you can read up on them and shop guilt-free whenever. No more product selection fatigue, but lots of good karma being generated through the way you shop.


Any product we recommend in our blogs or from our future online curated product portfolio will either help breathe new life into Mother Earth or offer a promising future to a community in need. You are rewarding the right companies and helping deserving communities by voting with your wallet. Doing good has just become a walk in the park!

What kind of products can you expect seeing featured?

We advocate products that sustainably and responsibly designed, sourced, manufactured and distributed. In other words, products, services and businesses that treat the planet and its people responsibly. They make mindful use of the Earth’s resources be it materials or people, never use more than what is needed and they do not waste and do not harm the soil, the water, the air or any living beings.


These products can take on many forms and could include :

  • the usual “green” products ie products that have less of an environmental impact than their traditional product equivalent,

  • “sustainable” products  that don’t compromise future generations. These are either completely renewable or made with materials that are sustainably harvested,

  • “upcycled / recycled or repurposed” goods, made from materials that would otherwise have been discarded as waste

  • “responsibly produced items made in a social enterprise”, which preserves heritage skills, guarantees a stable income to communities in need and empowers women.

  • “circular” products, designed with a cradle-to-cradle approach, thereby eliminating the concept of waste.


They could be physical products but also services (travel, education, finance, healthcare etc…). It is our mission to bring the best in purposeful product offerings to you, so you can live with the right kinda impact. When people come together around shared values and a sense of purpose, it becomes not only a community, but also a movement! It is my dream to collectively create a shift in consumer mindset from a World of More towards a World of Better by supporting meaningful brands that are doing their bit for the planet and the people on it.

Still underestimating our combined consumer power?

It would take

days for a product to disappear off the shelves if we stopped buying it
% of consumers that would boycott a brand if they learned about a company’s irresponsible practices
% of consumers that would switch brands to a similar one that supports a good cause

Our Purpose - Manifested on 3 levels

To Change the World Through the Way We Consume by Promoting Products 

and Rewarding Businesses that Share Our Values

PLANET : We will only advocate products and services from businesses that treat Mother Earth as their precious home. This includes but is not limited to :

  • Making mindful use of the earth’s resources
  • Never taking more than absolutely needed
  • Not wasting
  • Not harming the soil, the sea or the air in any way
  • Promoting a regenerative model with the aim to end give back more to the Earth than what was taken from it
  • Implementing sustainable practices which promote recycling and reusing.

PEOPLE : We believe in the fundamental Equality, Goodness and Interconnectedness of all human beings, which manifests itself as follows :

  • Exemplary Service : We strive to serve our community in a way that makes the interaction memorable and positive.  
  • Powerfully Positive and Purposeful Environment : We tirelessly seek to encourage the best in everyone and strongly encourage a  culture of kindness, equal opportunity, transparency, fairness and flexibility.
  • Community Support and Paying it Forward : The DNA of the business is to do good! We believe in supporting less privileged (often rural) communities by providing them with a stable and sustainable income by sourcing responsibly produced products from them and ploughing the majority of the proceeds back into the community.

PROFIT : is for many people a yakki concept. It is often associated with a mindset of greed. However, it is the lifeblood of every business and should be seen with a mindset of abundance. In the right hands and with the right intention, profits can be put to work in magical ways and can only help fulfill the company’s purpose. They need to be generated to :

  • Remunerate co-workers well and fairly and to retain excellent passionate staff
  • Do good and plough resources into communities in need and in the process preserve heritage skills
  • Have available resources to “Fight for what is Right”
  • Fund new impact initiatives that will accelerate change
  • Always be an engine of positive change in the world, so we don’t all have to march off that cliff

(*) “Cradle to Cradle” thinking posits that intelligent design can eliminate the concept of waste, a concept developed by William McDonough and Michael Braungart. Cradle to Cradle design refers to a production process where products are developed for closed-loop systems in which every output ingredient is safe and beneficial – either to biodegrade naturally and restore the soil (called a biological nutrient), or to be fully recycled into high-quality materials for subsequent product generations (called a technical nutrient).