Marialine Verdickt Founder, CEO

I am first and foremost the mum of two amazing kids and the wife of an exceptional husband. Change is the story of my life. I have lived on 3 continents, in 7 different countries and at 15 different addresses and this has certainly coloured my outlook on the world. I consider myself a global citizen with a total blindness for race, colour, religion or anything that could potentially divide us. We all depend on one another and are all stewards of this beautiful place, called Mother Earth.

My career has been equally varied. Although I am an economist by training and worked for best-in-class multinationals, my passion has always been for the more creative side of life. So I left the corporate world and trained the right side of my brain. I graduated as an Interior Designer and learned how to do more with less and how to repurpose old objects. As a photographer, I learned to paint with light and make ordinary objects look extra-ordinary. As a painter and a glass fusion artist, I got infused with a new sense of wonder due to the unpredictability of the medium. My latest venture is the Moving Image and the online Movie Maker Academy, an incredible eco-system for learning how to make Movies for Movements.

I usually get ecstatic about the simple things in life, like capturing a macro shot of an ordinary flower, harvesting the organic veggies in my experimental garden or trying out a new whole food, plant-based recipe. Anything food, waste and health will always capture my attention, but messing with Mother Earth’s natural resources will make me sit up and become a bit of a “clicktivist” on FB, especially when it comes to Fracking or Genetically Modified Organisms.

I get my mental sanity from immersing myself in the wisdom of the ancient scriptures of the Bhagavad Gita or other Sanskrit texts. My physical being could do with a boost as my exercise regime is scaringly limited to yoga.

Needless to say that I get bored quickly, love to drive change, break away from the status quo, discover new things, bring people together and present alternatives when none seem possible.  The only constant in my life has been change itself. I love the energy, the learnings and the passion it brings with it, but also the promise and the hope it holds within it.

With CircleWerkz, I hope to connect with like-minded people and build a powerful tribe of change-makers.

The “Z” in CircleWerkerz

As an entrepreneur I could not be doing what I am doing without the powerful support of some exceptional individuals, who all care about my cause, are all experts in their respective fields and are determined to make this world a better place too.


Robert ASPIN

FInancial Specialist and Advisor


Robert is CEO and Chief Investment Officer of MW Capital Management Pte Ltd, a Registered Fund Management Company in Singapore and part of the MarcWhittaker group. He brings with him over two decades of investment experience across multiple markets and asset classes.


Rob started his investment career as a research analyst at JP Morgan, Deutsche Securities and was a portfolio manager at Investcorp, a large global Fund of Hedge Funds. Since moving to Singapore in 2011, he was an Executive Director at Standard Chartered Wealth Management and the Investment Director of a large family office.

He holds a Masters Degree in Economics and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.


Environmental Specialist and Advisor


Robin has more than 20 years experience in Environmental Affairs on three different continents. She is currently the Group Head for Social and Environmental Compliance for a footwear manufacturer in Vietnam and is responsible for the environmental and social compliance in 5 factories around the region. She leads major sustainability improvement projects and liaises extensively with NGOs to improve labour conditions.


Prior to this, she worked for an environmental consulting firm in the Middle East, where she conducted multiple Environmental Impact Assessments for projects within the Gulf Cooperation Council.


Start-Up Specialist and Advisor


Oleg is an entrepreneur and an advisor with experience in mobile digital music, telecoms and consumer goods.


He is the co-founder of Sweatcoin – a digital currency backed by physical movement that makes people more engaged and physically active. Sweatcoin combines innovative behavioural insights and mobile tech to create a habit forming dopamine-oxytocin loop linking verified daily step count with the currency unit -“sweat coin”. Users can then spend sweatcoins on gadgets, sports kit, fitness training, healthy nutrition and much more with select retailers. In the nine months since its launch (with zero marketing expenditure), the business grew to 200,000 users and delivers 14% growth in levels of daily physical activity even 6 months after joining the platform.

Caroline VLERICK

Retail Specialist


Caroline has worked for first class international companies in both Europe and South-America and brings with her invaluable retail and start-up experience.


Caroline holds a Bachelor Degree in Applied Science and Economics from the University of Antwerp in Belgium and an MBA from Harvard.

In her current role as Retail Director for Natura, the number one cosmetics brand in Brazil, she provides strategic retail direction for the brand.

Dipa Swaminathan

Legal Specialist and Advisor


Dipa is an experienced senior lawyer with law degrees from Harvard Law School and the National Law School of India University and is qualified to practice in New York, England & Wales as well as India.


Dipa is currently the Assistant General Counsel for Singtel in Singapore.


Before moving in-house, Dipa spent spent several years in private practice with leading US and UK law firms (Allens Arthur Robinson, Shearman and Sterling LLP, Holman Fenwick Willan LLP and White and Case).


CircleWerkz believes in and stands by the universal principle of “Interdependence”, which simply means that nobody or nothing exists on its own. We all belong to the same eco-system and every action triggers a reaction, which will impact something or somebody somewhere else in the eco-system. This thinking makes us all stewards of our immediate community and environment.

CircleWerkz is passionate about improving the living conditions of communities in need not only through financial support but also through social initiatives, which support the less fortunate and can spark hope and initiative.

The overriding principle of all community work will be to invite people from all walks of life to join together to develop a life architecture, which is first and foremost compassionate, sustainable and connects us all as human beings.